LANDBANK MasterCard Credit Card Advisory

Please be informed that your existing LANDBANK Visa Credit Card was already converted to Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) MasterCard-branded LANDBANK Credit Card. This is in compliance with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) mandate to convert all magnetic-striped cards to EMV chip-enabled cards starting 01 January 2017 primarily to provide you with a more secure transaction and protect customer information.

With LANDBANK’s full compliance with the BSP mandate, your magnetic-striped LANDBANK Visa Credit Card may only be used until 31 July 2017.

Kindly activate your replacement card now to avoid inconvenience and enjoy the continuous services and benefits of your new LANDBANK MasterCard Credit Card.

To activate, please text: <LANDBANK>space<COMPLETE NAME> and send to 391525 (SMART) or 09088968278 (OTHER NETWORKS).

Upon activation, your LANDBANK Visa Credit Card outstanding balance, including deferred or instalment purchases (if any), shall be transferred to your new LANDBANK MasterCard Credit Card.

For accountholders who opt not to activate and for those who haven't activated their new LANDBANK MasterCard Credit Card as of 31 July 2017, your accounts shall be covered by the following:

  1. Full settlement of your outstanding balances until the Due Date specified in your Statement of Account for July 2017. In case of deferred or instalment purchases, you may continue paying your account under the approved term or until 31 December 2017, whichever comes first; and
  2. Any unpaid balance after the set period shall be subject to standard collection procedures.

Kindly disregard this message if you have already activated your new EMV chip-enabled LANDBANK MasterCard Credit Card.