What should I do in case that my LANDBANK ATM Card was lost or stolen?

To report a Lost/Stolen card you may:     

a. Visit your depository branch and submit a notarized affidavit of loss
b. Access your eBanking Account*

  • Land Bank Phone Access
    • Dial 405-7000
    • Press 2 - For More Land Bank Phone Access Services
    • Key in your ten-digit bank account number and four-digit telephone access number
    • Press 2 - Report a Lost/Stolen Card
    • Press 1 – To Continue
  • IAccess (Retail Internet Facility
    • Log in to your account via
    • Under Features click on “Report of Lost/Stolen ATM Card”
    • Select Account Number
    • Click “Next”
    • Confirmation/Card successfully tagged.

*If you are not yet enrolled in these facilities, please visit your depository branch.

c. Call our 24x7 Customer Care Center at 405-7000 (NCR) or PLDT Toll Free 180010-405-7000 and press 0 talk to a Phonebanker

What are the requirements for LANDBANK ATM Card replacement?

Kindly visit  your depository branch to request card replacement.
Please note of the following requirements:

  •     Notarized Affidavit of Lost
  •     Valid IDs

When is the expiration of my LANDBANK Cash Card?

Cash Card has a validity of 3 years subject to reactivation.

How can I apply for a Cash Card?

Cash Card is for institutional (corporate) accounts only. It is not a deposit account. It is only use for corporate credits like employee benefits, loans, pensions, payroll credits, commissions  of agents/sales personnel. Reimbursements, allowances, bonuses. Fund Remittances, Employees Identification Card, Collection Mode for Merchants.

How can I reactivate my LANDBANK Cash Card?

Kindly visit your servicing Land Bank branch for card reactivation.
Please bring with you your Cash Card and Valid IDs

Card Reactivation Fee: P50.00

How will I know my Joint account Indicator (JAI)?

JAI means Joint Account Indicator - "0" for single/individual account, "1" or "2" for joint account.