SME Credit Facility

Products and services for landowners/bondholders and ARBs

  • A program designed by the Government to promote equitable distribution and ownership of land.


Loans for Farmers and Fishers

  • The LANDBANK Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP) provides small farmers and fishers access to formal credit to finance their economic activities.
  • The Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Land Bank of the Philippines partnered to provide cre
  • The DA Sikat Saka Program offers a direct credit window from LANDBANK and integrated support from the Department of Agriculture to small palay farmers to improve their


Housing and Mortgage Programs

Business Loan


  • LANDBANK equity investment programs offered to eligible CFIS [i.e. cooperative banks (coop banks), rural banks (RBs) and thrift banks (TBs)].
  • The SPCB Plus is an incentive program which seeks to encourage mergers, consolidations and acquisition of cooperative banks (CBs) to strengthen the cooperative banking sector of the rural banking system, via grant of regulatory reliefs by BSP and Financial Assistance by PDIC and LBP.
  • Aims to improve the risk-based capital adequacy ratio (RBCAR) of participating CFIs via LBP subscription to their Lower Tier 2 notes issuance.

SME and Microfinance