Muntinlupa Online Real-Property Payment System (MORPS)

LANDBANK has established an interface with the Muntinlupa Online Real-Property Payment System (MORPS). MORPS is an internet-based system designed to handle the real-time payment and collection of fees for the real property tax in Muntinlupa City. This facility adopts the Debit Card (ATM) Authorization. 
Debit card authorization requires the taxpayer to have an LBP ATM Account to complete the payment thru the MORPS. Payment for RPT fees shall be automatically debited from the taxpayer’s LBP ATM account real-time and shall be consequently credited to Muntinlupa Mother Account for the RPT fee.
STEPS for the ePayment System Process:
  1. Login to
  2. Click the icon of MORPS and create account. Fill up the registration form. Client will receive an email for the activation of his/her application.
  3. Start the transaction by adding property you want to pay online. You will be required to enter the Tax Declaration Number (TDN) and the Property Index Number (PIN).
  4. Click the “Check and/or Pay Bill” button. Billing Statement Screen will appear.
  5. Click the ‘Pay Now” button. You will be redirected to LBP ePayment System. On the LBP Authorization Screen, you will be required to encode your LBP ATM account no., JAI and PIN.
  6. LBP ePayment System shall generate an Online Confirmation Receipt that you can print.