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LANDBANK PERA Money Market Fund

LANDBANK PERA Money Market Fund

Fund Classification Money Market
Appropriate Risk Profile Conservative
Investment Objective Aims to provide high liquidity and decent returns from short-term and flexible investments with less than one year duration, with minimal risk on capital.
Portfolio Mix 100% Special Deposit Accounts
Initial Investment P5,000.00
Additional Placement P1,000.00
Trust Fee 0.20% per annum based on the gross portfolio value of the fund
Minimum Holding Period 30 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee 25% of the net earnings of the redeemed principal amount, at no instance shall the penalty be less than P500.00
Benchmark (gross of trust fee) Percentage change in the Bloomberg Philippine Sovereign Bond Index Money Market or, in its absence, any relevant and industry-accepted benchmark
Cut-off Time 12:00nn of any banking day
Settlement Period Transaction date upon receipt of instruction and COP from Administrator, subject to the applicable cut-off time.
NAVPU Availability Not earlier than 5:00pm of any banking day
LANDBANK PERA Money Market Fund - Declaration of Trust

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